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The New London-Spicer Community Fitness Center reopened on Wednesday, July 1st and will be instituting a cleaning/disinfecting regimen to ensure a safe workout experience for all of our members. Regular billings began August 1st, 2020.  

Visitors and employees should follow the CDC health screening checklist and guidelines. 

Fitness Center Hours for members 9:15am- 8:00am (The Fitness Center will be closed from 8-9:15am starting Monday, August 31st, 2020)

Staffed Hours will be Monday-Friday 9:00am - 11:00am Monday - Friday

Time of 9:30-10:45am Monday - Friday reserved 60 years+ or those at higher risk

Member Guidelines

  • Bring your own water bottle, sweat towel and exercise mat if you use one

  • NO drinking fountain, towels or exercise mats available

  • Face coverings must be worn to enter and exit the building/fitness center

  • NO locker rooms available

  • Limited access to indoor restroom (during staffed hours only 9-11am Mon-Fri and 3:15-6:00pm Mon-Thurs -- see staff personnel for access)  -- Outside porta potty is available by HS Track Shed

  • Middle School Gym access is NOT available at this time

  • Members with specified hours (example High School students) must vacate fitness center by end time of hours

  • NO items can be left at the fitness center (Please take your shoes home each time)

  • Maintain social distancing (min 6ft apart) 

  • Use hand sanitizer upon entry, during workout as needed, and prior to leaving facility

  • Upon entrance, each member should pick up a disinfectant bottle and cleaning towel to use at each piece of equipment prior to and after use. 

  • After workout, drop off bottle at marked table and deposit cleaning towel into dirty towel hamper.

  • Recommend members go directly home to shower and wash clothing following workout

  • If a member who has visited the fitness center test positive for COVID-19 they are to contact the fitness center immediately via email to  or call 320-354-1406.

Questions About Memberships/Billing? For questions about memberships, billing or if you feel uncomfortable visiting the fitness center and would like to freeze your membership, please contact or call 320-354-1406.

As of Saturday, July 25th, 2020
The Governor’s new Executive Order requires all people in Minnesota to wear a face covering in all public indoor spaces and businesses, unless they are alone.

  • Our staff, students and members are required to wear a face covering when entering and exiting the fitness center. You will also need to carry a mask with you at all times to prepare for close interactions with others.
  • Face coverings can be temporarily removed when participating in indoor physical exercise—such as in a gym or fitness center—where the level of exertion makes wearing a face covering difficult, as long as social distancing can be maintained at all times.
Here is a list of the types of face coverings that can be used:
Types of Face Coverings
  • Types of face coverings can include a paper or disposable mask, a cloth mask, a neck gaiter, a scarf, a bandanna, or a religious face covering.
  • A face covering must cover the nose and mouth completely. The covering should not be overly tight or restrictive and should feel comfortable to wear.
  • Any mask that incorporates a valve that is designed to facilitate easy exhaling, mesh masks, or masks with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents are not sufficient face coverings because they allow droplets to be released from the mask.
  • A face covering is not a substitute for social distancing, but is especially important in situations when maintaining at least a 6-foot distance from other individuals not who are not members of the same household is not possible.
  • It is not known whether face shields (a clear plastic barrier that covers the face) provide the same source control for droplets as face masks, but they may be an option in situations where wearing a face mask is problematic. For optimal protection, the shield should extend below the chin and to the ears, and there should be no exposed gap between the forehead and the shield's headpiece.
  • Although medical-grade masks (e.g., surgical face masks, N95 respirators) are sufficient face coverings, members of the public who do not work in health care or an occupation that requires medical-grade protective equipment (e.g., certain construction professions) are discouraged from wearing them as they should be reserved for those workers.

By entering the fitness center you agree to the assumption of risk and waiver relating to 

COVID-19.  To view the waiver click here.

Adult Fitness Classes

We offer functional interval training class, total body conditioning classes, as well as season class offerings such as boot camp.

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